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 20 - 22 April                Archdeaconry Choir festival in Basel

Choir Director - Paul Spicer,   Organist - David Blunden

The choir will sing at a Choral Evensong on Saturday 21st April at 17:00 and a Choral Eucharist on Sunday 22nd April at 10:00. 

Both services will take place in the Predigerkirche, Totentanz 19, 4051 Basel.


Saturday 28th April 2018     SACEP Creation Care Conference

at St Ursula’s Church Berne, 10am to 4pm (9.30 Coffee!) 

Book your place on 061 321 7477    or email 

Cost pro person CHF 20.— includes lunch and all refreshments… (payable on day) 

Come and find out …... how we all CAN make a difference to our common home—the world we live in! This conference gives us a unique opportunity to find out more, to share and discuss. 

We will have speakers from A Rocha who will give us information on a variety of practical issues, ranging from living lightly, consumerism, ethical questions and encouraging children (and adults) to see the wonder of God’s creation around them. 

We also have a speaker from ‘Green Christian’ Organisation who will introduce us to the ‘Joy in Enough’ campaign which challenges Christians to play their part in creating a fair and sustainable economy. “It’s tempting to hear the word ‘economics’ and switch off” says Tony Emerson, coordinator of Joy in Enough. “We might think we’re not interested in economics – but then we all have opinions on debt, house prices or working hours, and those are all economics questions! Our faith can guide us as we think about these issues, both in our personal choices, and our wider political life.” 

We are surrounded daily by negative headlines, come and be POSITIVE and hopefully have some FUN, too! OPEN to anyone with an interest in these issues. Organised in conjunction with the Diocesan Environment Officer: Revd Elizabeth Bussmann.

Recent Events

5 – 7 May                Archdeaconry Choir Festival in Lausanne   

13 May                    SACEP:  Land of Promise? Perspectives on the situation in Israel and Palestine today.

The quest for justice and peace in the Holy Land is problematic  and fraught. It presents difficult questions for contemporary Christians.  Yet, as many readily recognize, the issue of peace in this small corner of the Middle East affects the wellbeing of our whole world. This SACEP study day explored the situation in Israel and Palestine from various angles – biblical, theological, historical and practical . It did not seek to offer easy answers, but aimed to delve into and air the issues with which thoughtful Christians need to wrestle as they pray and work for peace in the land of the Prince of Peace.

SACEP: "Discipleship", was led by Bishop John Pritchard on 8th October 2016

28th May 2016,  SACEP: "Responding to Europe’s migration, asylum seeker and refugee crisis 

as individual Christians and Christian communities"

Archdeaconry Choir Festival, Berne 22-24 April 2016

Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st February, 

What sort of Anglican are you?  held at Eglise saint-Jean-Naptiste, Neuchâtel

17th October 2015 - "Conflict to Cooperation" a seminar on conflict resolution which was led by Nigel Spencer (Reader at the Anglican Church Basel).

"Words for Worship", held on 30th May 2015, was led by Alison Callway, leader of the Lay Ministry Training programme of the Diocese of Rochester, and her husband, Peter, a parish priest. The meeting was aimed at people preparing services of the word. It provided a good opportunity to meet people from different churches and discuss different approaches to worship. Participants spent time looking at the theology of worship, from the standpoints of scripture, reason and tradition, and undertook practical exercises in writing prayers in collect format and in using the resources from Patterns for Worship in service planning.

The 2015 Swiss Archdeaconry Choir Festival was held at St Andrew's, Zurich (10-12 April). The choir director was David Hill, and the organist James Orford.